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Vol 8

There are 12 sketches in Volume 8. Buying performance rights to these sketches individually would cost more than 25, but you can get rights to all 12 in Volume 8 for just £12.00

Based on the Bible

Derived from Biblical text or with Biblical characters, going from Genesis to Revelation, ending with New Testament and Old Testament themes. Skits re the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus are included in Christmas and Easter categories.

Blind leading the blind

Staff at the eye-mask company wear their masks all day.... what's it like when the blind lead the blind. Based on Luke 6 v 39 more2 actors £2.99


So many of us practice 'polite' Christianity. Imagine if Paul has written to the church exhorting us to the weak and tepid Christian life so many of us (including me) practice. This is how that letter would look....more1 man 1 woman £2.80


Two shepherds discuss the idea that Jesus is like them - a shepherd who would search out the lost sheep. Loosely based on Luke 15: 1-7 more2 men £2.80

Psalm 23

This sketch is an encouragement to look beyond the obvious Psalms as a man goes to buy the latest release from the shop. more2 actors £2.80


A selection of sketches all with a Christmas theme.

Angel audition

John prepares for his audition as an angel. A sketch intended to challenge us to think beyond the baby. more1 man 1 woman £2.99


Joseph chats to the cows in the stable - expressing his joys and fears about being 'father' to the Son of God. more4 actors £3.25

Six kings

A sketch to challenge the congregation about who they should follow at Christmas. more6 actors £3.25

Church Life

Examines some of the quirkier aspects of Christian lifestyles and our Sunday services.

Sing Forever

Do we really know what we are claiming, saying or admitting when we sing a hymn or chorus? more2 actors £2.80


Sketches that can be used to tell part of the Easter story


Three actors discuss how to create a funny sketch to tell the Easter story. more3 actors £3.25

Guards of the tomb

The soldier who was posted to guard the tomb of Jesus was probably not the most popular person in the Roman army after the resurrection. more2 men £3.25


Sketches with a theme of celebrating all God's good gifts to us.


Two 'country bumpkins' fail to appreciate that all our food comes from the fields and God, and not just from the supermarkets. more2 actors £3.25

Harvest 2

Two very posh (but silly) men discuss the relevance of Harvest time (or Thanksgiving)in the Christian calendar and realise that ultimately everything comes from God. more2 men £3.25

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