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Vol 9

There are 12 sketches in Volume 9. Buying performance rights to these sketches individually would cost more than 25, but you can get rights to all 12 in Volume 9 for just £12.00

Based on the Bible

Derived from Biblical text or with Biblical characters, going from Genesis to Revelation, ending with New Testament and Old Testament themes. Skits re the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus are included in Christmas and Easter categories.


Peter's mother doesn't get why Jesus appears to the disciples after his resurrection. Based on John 21. more1 woman 1 man £2.99


The recipient of the annual goodness award gives his acceptance speech - proving he (and we) are not so good after all. Based on Exodus 20 more2 actors £2.99

Jesus knocks

Two unattractive people are approached by Jesus - proving that He welcomes us no matter how 'bad' we think we are, or others think we are. Based on Revelation 3 v 20 more1 woman 1 man £2.99

Ten Commandments

Contestants must speak for a minute without breaking one of the 10 commandments. Based on Exodus 20 more5 actors £3.25

Real life

Life has challenges, even as a Christian (sometimes, especially as a Christian).


God's love is like salad. It's always available to us but we don't often choose it.... as two diners in a restaurant find out. more3 men £3.25

Tough stuff

Sometimes it feels like God isn't there, and sometimes we behave like He isn't. These sketches confront these issues.


Do we give according to the need of the recipient, or according to how much we value ourselves in relation to the other person. more2 actors £3.25


When we don't receive healing it seems that God doesn't care. But we need to understand that God is not a genie we can call on just when it suits us. more2 actors £2.99

Sharing faith

How easy is it to share our faith with others, and what do we say about Jesus?


What excuses might we make for not sharing the gospel. After all, when the first disciples went out to preach the gospel they had none of the help we can call on. more2 men £2.99


A selection of sketches all with a Christmas theme.


A man and his pregant wife turn up at the inn, and refuse to sleep in the stable. more3 men 2 women £3.25


How do we view our own family Christmas? How do the homeless view it? more2 men £2.99

Church Life

Examines some of the quirkier aspects of Christian lifestyles and our Sunday services.


This sketch is meant to be about giving but because it is never actually stated there is room for comic misunderstanding. Contains adult themes and languagemore1 actor £2.99


How do we think about God and Heaven? What does the Bible say about his character, his mercy, his grace, his vengeance?


Why does it often feel that God has deserted us? Did we exclude God first? more5 actors £3.25

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