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Vol 2

There are 25 sketches in Volume 2. Buying performance rights to these sketches individually would cost more than 50, but you can get rights to all 25 in Volume 2 for just £17.99

Based on the Bible

Derived from Biblical text or with Biblical characters, going from Genesis to Revelation, ending with New Testament and Old Testament themes. Skits re the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus are included in Christmas and Easter categories.


What was it like to be a disciple and receive your commission from Jesus? Loosely based on Matthew chapter 10. more2 men £2.50


Two of John's disciples questioned Jesus about fasting, but the answer didn't help. Loosely based on Matthew 9, 14-17. more2 men £2.50


We all need to build our lives on the firm foundation of Christ. If we don't, we've got to expect trouble. Loosely based on Matthew 7, 24-27 more3 men £2.50


God gave us a garden to tend. Only when our heads were turned by sin did we find the work hard. Loosely based on Adam & Eve in Genesis. more3 men £2.50


Noah tells his wife about the impending flood and what he has to do next in order to obey God. Loosely based on Genesis 6 more1 man 1 woman £3.25


Samson and Delilah bicker about their relationship. Contains adult themes and language Loosely based on Judges 14-16 more1 man and 1 woman £2.80

Real life

Life has challenges, even as a Christian (sometimes, especially as a Christian).

Bless The Rich

Two of the world's poor pray with compassion for the plight of the rich. more2 actors £2.80


Does our support of a charity really say that much about our priorities and our faith? This might make you wonder. more2 women £2.50


Are modern magazines good for the soul? You decide, as a woman faces insults in the bookstore . more2 women £2.80


How would the world be different if we really did love our enemies? The President gives it a try. more2 men £2.80

Sharing faith

How easy is it to share our faith with others, and what do we say about Jesus?

Secular Evangelism

Are you afraid to share aspects of your faith with other people? Why? They're not afraid to share with you. more2 men £2.50


A selection of sketches all with a Christmas theme.

A Gift at Christmas

God's gift to the world of a baby is the most surprising gift that any of us might receive, as a couple and their visitors realise. more3 men 1 woman £2.50

Father Christmas

Is God just a myth that we put alongside Father Christmas at Christmas time? Maybe more than we realise. more2 men £2.50

Nativity Scene

An artist comes to the stable to record that all important first Christmas card scene more1 man £2.80


Three shepherds discuss how it felt to be summoned by angels to witness the baby Jesus. more3 men £2.80

The Little Baby Jesus

Our idea of Christmas is so distorted by Christmas cards and nativity plays, is there any place at all for the real Jesus? more2 men £2.80

Wise Men

The wise men go shopping for the perfect gift for a baby. more3 men 1 woman £3.25

Church Life

Examines some of the quirkier aspects of Christian lifestyles and our Sunday services.


Sometimes we can be so critical of the form and content of our church services, we completely miss what else is going on around us. more1 man 1 woman £2.50

More Like Jesus

If children should be more like Jesus, which Jesus do you want them to resemble? more4 actors £2.80

Music Group

If you've ever wondered what the music group really say in their prayers before the service, now you'll know. more3 men 1 woman £2.80

Why Me

We all cry out to God when things don't go our way. What happens when they do? more2 women £2.50

Worship Song

Not everyone can write a worship song or hymn. But that doesn't stop some of us from trying! more2 actors £2.50


A few sketches with prayer as their theme.

Calling on God

Do we treat prayer as a device just to get what we want from God. Here's how it would be if God treated it the same way. more1 actor £2.80

Hear my prayer

It often feels like God isn't listening to our prayers. But do we ever stop to listen to God? more1 actor £2.80


How do we think about God and Heaven? What does the Bible say about his character, his mercy, his grace, his vengeance?


We often behave as if we are the ones who decide who will get into heaven. Here's what it might be like if we did. more2 men £2.80

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