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Vol 7

There are 12 sketches in Volume 7. Buying performance rights to these sketches individually would cost more than 25, but you can get rights to all 12 in Volume 7 for just £12.00

Based on the Bible

Derived from Biblical text or with Biblical characters, going from Genesis to Revelation, ending with New Testament and Old Testament themes. Skits re the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus are included in Christmas and Easter categories.

Fishers of men

What happened to the colleagues of James and John after they had been recruited by the itinerant rabbi, Jesus. Based on Matthew 4:21-22 more3 men £3.25

Hide and seek

Is God always at work in our lives, or does he sometimes (often) hide himself, as Isaiah noted? Based on Isaiah 45 v 15 more2 actors £2.80


The Jewish laws on diet were given for a reason, and it might have been hard to adapt. Based on Leviticus chapter 15. more2 actors £2.80

Woman at the well

Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman at the well, and told her about the true nature of worship. As the Bible relates, she then told all her friends. Contains Adult themes and language. Based on John chapter 4.more3+ women £3.25

Tough stuff

Sometimes it feels like God isn't there, and sometimes we behave like He isn't. These sketches confront these issues.


A sketch looking at the value we place on objects in relation to the value we place on the lives of each other. more3 actors £2.80


Why does God allow suffering? We've all asked the question. I don't pretend this sketch has all the answers, but it might help someone.... more2 men £2.80


A selection of sketches all with a Christmas theme.


Two angels discuss the message about the birth of Jesus that they have been asked to give to the shepherds. more2 actors £2.99


What did the other guests make of the birth of Jesus. more2 actors £3.25


Tells the story of Joseph & Mary from the point of view of a training session run by the managers of the inn anxious to avoid a repeat of last year's incident. more1 actor £2.80


Sketches that can be used to tell part of the Easter story


Two men discuss Peter's denial of Jesus following his arrest. more2 men £2.80


How would modern news reporters have treated the story that the tomb of Jesus was empty on Easter morning? more2 actors £3.25

Wisemen at Easter

Two of the wisemen who came to visit Christ at Christmas discuss what has happened some 30+ years later, now that Jesus has been arrested. more2 men £3.25

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