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Vol 10

There are 6 sketches in Volume 10. Buying performance rights to these sketches individually would cost more than 18, but you can get rights to all 6 in Volume 10 for just £8.00

Real life

Life has challenges, even as a Christian (sometimes, especially as a Christian).


A sketch to raise questions about whether capitalism is the right economic system and whether it benefits all.3 actors £2.99

Sharing faith

How easy is it to share our faith with others, and what do we say about Jesus?


Jesus offers us life in all its fullness... but what does that mean, and is it an attractive proposition for everyone?2 actors £3.50

Church Life

Examines some of the quirkier aspects of Christian lifestyles and our Sunday services.


We often wish we had more faith, but is that really something we should be looking for? (Contains some inuendo)2 actors £3.50

What is church for

Do we use our church buildings and church resources in the right way? 2 actors £2.99

Worship Songs

Worship can become formulaic, and this is not always helpful. This sketch takes a swipe at music that sometimes does not help.2 actors £2.99


Sketches that can be used to tell part of the Easter story


A man spots Barrabas and questions how he could have been freed, and what the implications are for all of us today2 men £2.99

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