Tough stuff

Sometimes it feels like God isn't there, and sometimes we behave like He isn't. These sketches confront these issues.

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A sketch looking at the value we place on objects in relation to the value we place on the lives of each other. more
3 actors


Do we give according to the need of the recipient, or according to how much we value ourselves in relation to the other person. more
2 actors

Clothes shopping

A woman tries on her new-found Christianity in a dress shop. But the nips and tucks she asks for show how we all like to choose the aspects of faith that suit us. more
2 female actors


If men and women had had the right to choose the Messiah, what kind of person would we have chosen? more
At least 5 actors

Engagement ring

A savage look at our hypocrisy in matters of third world trade. Contains adult themes and language more
2 male & 1 female actors


When we don't receive healing it seems that God doesn't care. But we need to understand that God is not a genie we can call on just when it suits us. more
2 actors


An uncomfortable look at teenage pregnancy around the world. Contains adult themes and languagemore
2 male actors


A news programme broadcasts a self-expose of how news is used to distort our view of the world, and make it seem like the Devil's on top. more
1 male & 1 female actors

O little town of Bethlehem

A poem about troubles in the middle east, based on the words and metre of the popular carol. more
1 actor


Splitting a bill in a restaurant can be tricky. Imagine if Jesus had paid a different price for us according to our sins. more
1 woman, 2 men


Why does God allow suffering? We've all asked the question. I don't pretend this sketch has all the answers, but it might help someone.... more
2 men

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