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Hint: Sketches have been assigned to one category, but some could sit in several, so try to look at everything!

Based on the Bible
Real life
Tough stuff
Sharing faith
Church Life
Everyday Living

Hint: Sketches have been assigned to one category, but some could sit in several, so try to look at everything!

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Based on the Bible

Derived from Biblical text or with Biblical characters, going from Genesis to Revelation, ending with New Testament and Old Testament themes. Skits re the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus are included in Christmas and Easter categories.


Adam discusses with God the possibility of him having a mate. But their ideas are rather different. more2 male actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


God gave us a garden to tend for his service and pleasure. Only when our heads were turned by sin did we find our work in the garden hard. Loosely based on the story of Adam & Eve in Genesis. more3 men £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


Noah tells his wife about the impending flood. Loosely based on Genesis 6 more1 man 1 woman £3.25 (approximately USD 5.14)


Two women discuss the miraculous news that Sarah is pregnant. How could an old woman be chosen to bear a child? more2 women £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


A TV weather girl predicts the plagues that will descend over Egypt. Based on Exodus chap 7, 8, 9 & 10 more1 woman £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


The recipient of the annual goodness award gives his acceptance speech - proving he (and we) are not so good after all. Based on Exodus 20 more2 actors £2.99 (approximately USD 4.72)

Ten Commandments 

A panel game in which contestants must speak for a minute without breaking one of the 10 commandments - like the radio show Just A Minute. Based on Exodus 20 more5 actors £3.25 (approximately USD 5.14)


It's easy to forget that the Jewish laws on diet and 'clean' living were given for a reason, and when they were given, it might have been hard to adapt. Based on Leviticus chapter 15. more2 actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


Samson and Delilah bicker about the lack of trust in their relationship. Contains adult themes and language Loosely based on Judges 14-16 more1 man and 1 woman £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

Psalm 23 

The Psalms are a rich resource, but we hardly ever look beyond Psalm 23. So this sketch is an encouragement to look beyond the obvious as a man goes to buy the latest release from his 'record' shop. more2 actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

Hide and seek 

Is God always at work in our lives, or does he sometimes (often) hide himself, as Isaiah noted? Based on Isaiah 45 v 15 more2 actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

Fiery Furnace 

The story of the fiery furnace is written in Daniel, but how would news have got round about what happened? Based on Daniel 3. more2 men £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

His Lordship 

A country gent insists on paying his workers a full week's wage for a few hours work. Based on Matthew 20:1-16 more2 male actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


What was it like to be a disciple and receive your commission from Jesus? Loosely based on Matthew chapter 10. more2 men £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


Two of John's disciples questioned Jesus about fasting, but the answer they got was more confusing than enlightening. Loosely based on Matthew 9, 14-17. more2 men £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


We all need to build our lives on the firm foundation of Christ. If we don't, we've got to expect trouble. Loosely based on Matthew 7, 24-27 more3 men £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


If you hide your light under a bushel, what happens when you try to sell your house? Based on Matthew 5:15 and Mark 4:21 and Luke 11:33 more1 man 1 woman £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


A sketch about one disciple's reaction to Peter getting out of the boat and trying to meet Jesus as he walked on water. Based on Matthew 14, 22:34 more1 man £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


Jesus told the parable of the ten virgins. Here's what happened when a delivery man arrives in town with oil for the lamps of five of them. Contains adult themes and language Based on Matthew 25. 1-13 more2 men £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

Fishers of men 

What happened to the colleagues of James and John after they had been recruited by the itinerant rabbi, Jesus. Based on Matthew 4:21-22 more3 men £3.25 (approximately USD 5.14)

Blind leading the blind 

Staff at the eye-mask company have to wear their masks all day.... so how successful can any company be, when the blind lead the blind. Based on Luke 6 v 39 and Matthew 15 v 14 more2 actors £2.99 (approximately USD 4.72)

Blind mans bluff 

Two beggars discuss the impact of Jesus's healing. Loosely based on Mark 8 22-26more2 actors (1 should be male) £2.25 (approximately USD 3.56)

Feeding the 5000 

TVs top commentators report on one of Jesus's best known miracles. Loosely based on Luke 9:10-17 more3 male actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

Snakes for supper 

A man goes to a restaurant and receives the most appalling service. A sketch about Jesus's teaching on prayer. Based on Luke 11, 11-13 more2 men £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


To know when Jesus will return, would be like making an appointment with a thief. Loosely based on Luke 12:39 more2 men £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


A bride and groom makes plans for their wedding feast. Loosely based on Luke 14:15-24 more1 man, 1 woman £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


Two shepherds discuss the idea that Jesus is like them - a shepherd who would search out the lost sheep and bring it back to the flock. Loosely based on Luke 15: 1-7 more2 men £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


Did anyone change their views after Jesus stopped them from stoning the woman caught in adultery? Contains adult themes and language Loosely based on John 8, 1-11 more2 men £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)

Woman at the well 

Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman at the well, and told her about the true nature of worship. As the Bible relates, she then told all her friends. Contains Adult themes and language. Based on John chapter 4.more3+ women £3.25 (approximately USD 5.14)


Peter's mother completely misunderstands the significance of Jesus appearing to the fishing disciples after his resurrection. Based on John 21 (note the other gospels do not have this account). more1 woman 1 man £2.99 (approximately USD 4.72)


Saphhira meets up with Ananias after they have died. Based on Acts 5 more1 man 1 woman £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)


So many of us practice 'polite' Christianity. Imagine if Paul has written to the church exhorting us to the weak and tepid Christian life so many of us (including me) practice. This is how that letter would look....more1 man 1 woman £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


A woman visits her doctor when she starts growing feet all over her body. Loosely based on 1 Corinthians 12 v12-31 more2 women £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)

Jesus knocks 

Two unattractive people are approached by Jesus - proving that He welcomes us no matter how 'bad' we think we are, or others think we are. Based on Revelation 3 v 20 more1 woman 1 man £2.99 (approximately USD 4.72)

Martha and James 

A husband and wife bicker about their child, and how he compares to their neighbours' son, Jesus. more1 male & 1 female actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)

Quiz questions 

How well do you know your Bible? A sketch based on the Mastermind show format, with an unashamedly comic twist. more2 actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. Is the boss of a company prepared to do the same? more2 actors £2.80 (approximately USD 4.42)


What is the significance of the number seven in the Bible? You'd have to ask an expert..... more2 actors £2.50 (approximately USD 3.95)

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